When The School System Fails Your Student

You Need A Lawyer Who Was First A Teacher

When Do You Need An Education Attorney?

If your child is a special needs student who receives insufficient support, we can help.

If your child is facing an uphill battle due an inadequate IEP, we can help.

If your child is badgered over attendance issues, we can help.

If your child is facing unfair discrimination, we can help.

If you have questions about any issue, we can help.

Do not let bureaucracy, special interest groups, teacher's unions, and burdensome regulations interfere with your child's education.

I am a parent.  Just like you.   

As the father of four children enrolled in Lincoln Public Schools,

I understand your concerns and priorities.

I am one of the few lawyers who has also been a teacher.

I know from experience the agenda of the school system doesn't always serve your child's best interests.


As your attorney, your interests and concerns become my interests and concerns.

I have aggressively advocated for my own children's education and will do the same for yours.


Why Trust Janus Law Firm?

Background in the Field of Education

I hold a Bachelor's degree in K-12 Education as well as a Master's degree in Psychology of Human Performance.

During graduate school, I taught at the university as an instructor of pedagogy, which is the art and science of teaching.  

In this position, I taught teachers how to teach and mentored education students during their internships.

While at the University of Nebraska College of Law, I researched methods by which states have facilitated competition between education providers and proposed methods by which Nebraska might do the same.